I’m gonna make you hungry, Memphis Flyer in PDF format, and more

Here’s a pic of the Chicago style hot dog I got at Dawgie Style yesterday:

It comes with tomatoes, pickle spear, sport peppers, mustard, onions, and relish. You can get it as a combo with chips and drink for $4.95. However many napkins you think you need, get twice as many – this dog is messy to eat.

They also occasionally have off-menu items on the weekends. Last Saturday I went in and they made me this ENORMOUS burrito full of Italian roast beef, peppers, tomatoes, onions, olives and other good stuff, and they topped it with chili. They told me that later in the day, they were going to make quesadillas. So if you go in, it’s definitely worth it to ask if they have any specials.

Once again, Dawgie Style is on Madison between Second and Third and is open seven days a week. I know I sound like an advertisement for this place but I really like these people, and I really like their food.

I’m sitting here at the Union Avenue branch office typing this post. Glad I came in early today, because there were Romanians here eating lunch – the fluffy haired one and the blonde who I hardly ever see. Romania has got to be the most wonderful country on earth. I can’t wait for Emma to come on at 4 so she and I can resume our argument as to which of the four Romanian girls is the hottest.

Around 2ish I’ll make a run to the Second Street branch office to see my waitresses, then I’ll run by the Majestic branch office where I hear my friend Kenneth is bartending. I’m in the mood for one of their flatbread pizzas after they were featured in the Memphis Flyer this week. Then at 4 I’ll return to the Union branch office for Emma’s Sunday extravganza. If I haven’t passed out drunk by 10:30 I’ll go by Blues City and catch FreeWorld.

Sad news… I just hit the Memphis Flyer’s site to see if I could find a link to the Majestic article, and I read that Bonnie Mack, the chef at Blues City, died last Sunday. We’ll miss you, Bonnie. Thanks for the great ribs.

Oh, now this is cool. I just discovered that you can now download the current issue of the Flyer, ads and everything, in PDF format. The Flyer is one of those papers you can’t read online through hyperlinks – it’s just not the same without the ads and everything. But in PDF format, the authentic Flyer experience is re-created. If you’re from out of town and want to know what’s going on in Memphis, the weekly PDF is a must.

Pics from Chad’s plate party last night coming soon. This is a case where everyone else took the pics and they have to e-mail them to me before I can put them up. Time to shut down the laptop and start drinking. Check out Deal of the Week if you just can’t get enough of my writing and want more.