Got an answer on why Raiford’s was closed last weekend

In previous posts I had noted that Raiford’s was closed last weekend, and wondered why. From regular blog reader Chuck D:

Raiford’s, along with E & H’s, is closed as part of the production for
“Under the Blueberry Sky”, a full-length feature film starring Norah
Jones, and including scenes filmed at these, and other Memphis
locations. There is a 2 week shooting schedule in downtown, much of
which has already been completed. However, I’m not sure of Raiford’s
status for this weekend. However, I can tell you for certain that
Platinum Plus will be open this weekend.

Anyone know if Raiford’s will be open this weekend? Did anyone go down there last night?

And Chuck D – you seen Master Polo around lately? I know you and he are good friends. He just kind of disappeared a couple of months ago. I’ve been wondering what happened to him.