The archives are back: Blogger gets a new lease on life

Well, this morning my archives have reappeared, so I’m going to continue to use Blogger as my publishing engine for a little while longer, at least until WordPress releases a new version that can import Blogger Beta files.

I am, however, going to convert to a new template in the next few days. So don’t be surprised if you hit this blog and it looks different. I have some new stuff I want to include, most notably a “Make a Donation” button which fellow blogger Otto convinced me is a good idea (I’d link to Otto but his site is in a state of transition right now). I’m not expecting regular readers to donate, but a lot of visitors to Memphis hit this site and learn about downtown and about Memphis, and if they want to whip out the ol’ Visa and send some beer money my way, I’ll certainly take it.

I’m going to add a Donation button and Google ads to my grade calculator as well, which tends to be real popular among college students during the last month of the semester (in April-May it was getting 1000 hits a week). I’m working on a redesign for the grade calculator as well so it doesn’t look so 1997. In nine years I haven’t changed that page and it’s time for an upgrade.

In other news… Semi-Charmed Kat has a great FU Friday post about the PlayStation 3. I’m in total agreement with everything she said.

Circuit Playhouse is running one of my favorite Christmas plays, The Santaland Diaries, now through December 23. It’s about a disgruntled elf working a department store Christmas display. Just hilarious. You need to go see it if you haven’t in past years. Tickets are $25, $20 for seniors and students. CA theater writer Christopher Blank has an article on the play and the actor playing Crumpet the Elf.

That’s all I can find to write about… looks like not much is going on this weekend.