Even if you don’t hunt or fish, a good catalog

Earlier this week I checked my mailbox and found a 500-page catalog from a company named Cabelas. It said it was a hunting and fishing supply company, and since I don’t hunt and fish I nearly tossed it. But, having a few spare minutes I decided to flip through it and it was really, really good.

It had a lot of clothing to keep you warm in winter – fleece, flannel, wool, other warm-weather fabrics, jackets. And it’s not all camo stuff. The majority of their line is nice-looking casual wear. They also had the biggest selection of hiking boots I had ever seen. They had some unique cooking gear, like a system for cooking drunken chicken (chicken with a beer can inserted into the body cavity) and an appliance designed to cook jalapeno poppers. They had items like coolers, air beds, etc. which can be taken camping but which would also be useful around the house and around the city. Tons of other stuff too… even if you don’t hunt or fish you’re going to find a lot to like in this catalog.

You can get on their website and request a catalog, but it’s also worth it to surf the items for sale on their site. On the Web they have some of the same items as the catalog at lower prices.

I just placed an order for two fleece zip-up jackets and two fleece pullovers with windshear, each for $19.95 after discounts. That’s cheaper than you’d find at Old Navy, and likely better quality. I’ll give a report when the items arrive.