Thai food and refrigerators

This post is brought to you by my mother’s neighbors in Little Rock, who have an unsecured wireless network in their home. I expect to find wireless networks to MoochNet from in Downtown Memphis, but I was rather shocked to find one ready and waiting for me in a suburban neighborhood in Little Rock.

One of the things I look most forward to when I come to Little Rock is a restaurant not far from my house that serves Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese food. As soon as I got to town, it was my first stop, and I ordered a Thai dish called Goony Phatpet. I ordered it for two reasons: it had the “spicy” icon next to its name, and it had the funniest name of any dish on the menu. It was SO good. It consisted of jumbo shrimp, onions, and bamboo shoots in a hot chile sauce, with choice of steamed or fried rice. Possibly the best Thai dish I’ve ever had. If anyone knows of a Thai restaurant in Memphis that serves Goony Phatpet, let me know (I know Sawaddii doesn’t). For those few of my readers who live in or travel to Little Rock, the restaurant is called Saigon and it’s in the 6800 block of Cantrell, in the Stein Mart shopping center. Try the Goony Phatpet only if you’re into spicy food (they have plenty of non-spicy dishes as well).

I also got pork rolls from the Vietnamese side of the menu. They consisted of ground pork and lettuce rolled up in rice paper. Um…. yeah, I gotta be honest, I couldn’t come to terms with this appetizer at all. The combination of tastes just didn’t work for me, even when dipped in the sauce (plum sauce I think) that came with the rolls.

Got some unexpected good news a couple of days ago… some option-trading software I helped develop several years ago got licensed. Twice. So I have a totally unexpected royalty check coming my way. I’m using some of the money to buy my mother a new refrigerator for Christmas. We’ve been sitting in front of the computer all evening picking one out. When she finally found the one she wanted, she printed out every shred of information she could find about it – pictures, specs, the delivery policy, the installation policy. She probably printed as much tonight as I’ve printed on my home printer in the past year.

That’s all for now… I’m wired up on Mountain Dew so I’ll probably be up surfing the web until 3 AM or so.