Wednesday update: Possible party at E&H, Rapscallions, Turkey of the Year, Hattiloo Theatre

Hello everybody! I just woke up. Man… taking an extra day off before Thanksgiving was a GREAT idea. Because I work for the city schools, I get the entire week of December 25 off, and January 1 and 2. I’m considering taking January 3, 4, 5 off and having a full two weeks.

Heading out to Little Rock this afternoon, will be back on Friday… for those of you remaining in town on Thanksgiving, I heard that there’s going to be a kick-ass party at Earnestine & Hazel’s tomorrow (Thanksgiving) night. That isn’t confirmed – the person who told me about it said, “it happened last year on Thanksgiving, so I’m assuming it’s happening again.” So you might want to ask around if E&H is way out of your way.

Congrats to my trivia team The Rapscallions, who coasted to a first-place win last night at trivia at the Saucer. We were only one question away from a perfect game. Unfortunately, our theater/opera expert Skippy drew a blank on the answer to “Who wrote Peter and the Wolf?” Oh well, we won, and that’s all that matters. Our only regret is that the team called Laurex wasn’t playing – they have been getting cocky lately and we were really hoping to kick their ass. The Rapscallions now have a stash of $320 in gift certificates, thanks to our most recent win and a team member who is having a plate party. We’ll be cashing them in soon.

Shortly after our trivia game finished, one of the Saucer regulars (who is not on the team) who was sitting at the bar called me over. “Paul, what’s Ali G’s real name?” he asked. He was on the phone with people who were at the Saucer’s East Bumblefuck location, where the trivia game was still going on. They had called him for help answering the questions. I find it amusing that the people are so dumb at the Cordova Saucer that they have to call people at the Downtown Saucer for help.

Speaking of the Saucer, their “Turkey of the Year” “buy the beer, waste money on the glass” night is tonight. Every year they pick a Turkey of the Year and commemorate it on a glass. This year it’s global warming. I personally would have voted for the Saucer’s Halloween costume contest as Turkey of the Year. Or possibly the waitress who used to work there who took 15-minute smoke/cell phone breaks while her customers had empty beer glasses. But global warming, I suppose that’s good too.

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, They Sing Christmas Up In Harlem will be at Hattiloo Theatre (656 Marshall) from Friday through Christmas Eve. Shows are Fri-Sat at 8 pm and Sun at 3 pm weekly. Tickets are $15 adults, $12 students and seniors. I’ll have to get by and see it at some point… not this weekend though, I’ve got South Main Trolley Art Tour Friday night, and the Pink Floyd tribute band Pulse at Neil’s Saturday night.

All right… heading out in a few hours. I’ll have Internet access in Little Rock, so my blogging won’t be interrupted.