Pics: Rapscallion Party II/Mike’s plate party

All right. I know why people REALLY read my blog. It isn’t because they want to know what’s going on downtown. It isn’t because they want to read about which restaurants have hired Romanian waitresses or what the bums are drinking or what statues the pigeons are crapping on.

No, the real reason people read my blog is because they want to see pictures of CARMEL in a TUBE TOP. And it’s time to give my readers what they want. So here ya go.

Here are a few more select scenes from the evening:

This is what success looks like.

Team member Skippy emphatically makes a point.

Mike prepares to unveil his plate.

Someone used up almost the entire tab ordering expensive Chimays. No, wait, that was Rapscallion Party I.

Oh, no!

Click here to view the entire photo album (125 photos). Congratulations to Mike on reaching the 200 milestone and getting his plate on the wall. I can’t believe we drank $370 worth of beer. Wait a minute, yes I can. Thanks to our Beer Goddess, Amy, for taking such great care of us, and for inventing new and tasty beer mixers for us to try. Thanks to Mikey the Camera Nazi for snapping most of these pics. No thanks to Blogger, whose photo upload module was being a bitch, adding an additional 40 minutes to the time it took me to create this post.

Arkansas vs. Florida for the SEC championship today at 5:00. Go Hogs!