Tube Top Graduation

About a year and a half ago, I declared June of 2005 to be Tube Top Month. Not sure if people totally got it, I did the same for June 2006, and when the month was interrupted I extended it through July.

I looked upon the month as a public service. An opportunity to educate the public as to what a tube top was, when to wear a tube top, and why.

Well tonight the fruits of my labor have been realized. Regular blog reader Carmel showed up to a Christmas party in a tube top. See below:

Not only did she wear a tube top, but when I asked her what insipred her clothing selection, she informed me she wore it to impress a guy (not the guy in the pic, just to clear up any misconceptions in advance). The thing is, this is a girl who, 18 months ago, did not know what a tube top was. She kept trying to tell me, “It can still have straps and be a tube top.” NO!!!! But look at her now. Not only does she understand the tube top concept, but she’s using it to impress a guy. I’ve always maintained that there has been a certain educational component to this blog, and today we are seeing the fruits of its labor.

Happy 30th to one of my regular readers by the way.