Drunk food

This is a drunk post. I planned to make it to Pearl’s tonight but ended up staying at the Saucer. Useful information: Tomorrow night there’s a band called Tangerine Panties playing. It will not be the first time I’ve seen tangerine panties there.

So I left the Saucer about 9 and remembered that the Not-Yo-Crawfish is now on EP’s dinner menu. Before, you had to wait until 11 to get it. The Lobster Pronto Pup and the Duck Quesadilla (which I’ve been told is da bomb, haven’t had it yet) have moved to the dinner menu as well. So I’m sitting here wiping Not-Yo-Crawfish (crawfish nachos over sweet potato tortilla chips) off my hands in order to type this. 8 bucks and it’s enough food to feed two.