Quiz answer

Yesterday I posted this photo and asked readers to identify the best dressed person in it.

The correct answer, of course, is Mendi (far right), because she’s wearing a tube top.

Welcome to Tube Top Month, which has become a tradition on this blog. For the entire month of June, every post will contain a reference to tube tops, or a picture of someone wearing a tube top, no matter how irrelevant tube tops are to the content of the rest of the post.

The idea is to promote the buying and wearing of tube tops, in an attempt to make the world a more beautiful place. This year Tube Top Month has a sponsor – the Tube Top Boutique, an Amazon.com storefront where you can select from hundreds of tube tops, tube dresses, and related items.

June also tends to be the month when I drunk-post the most often, probably because it goes along well with the theme.

If you want your pic in this blog, put on a tube top and catch me when you see me around town… I almost always have my digital camera on me.

Last year I interrupted Tube Top Month for about a week and changed the topic to something else – that will NOT happen again this year. The theme will not be suspended for any reason.

Looking forward to a fun and exciting June!