Summertime money-making idea for Downtown’s bums

Ever walked the streets of Downtown when there’s even a 20% possibility of rain? All the bums will be out, carrying the rattiest-looking umbrellas on Earth. If as much as one drop falls from the sky, they’ll open their umbrellas and rush over to you. “Here, sir, let me keep you dry,” they’ll say as they hold the umbrella over your head. Then they’ll walk with you and tell you their sob story. “I ain’t had nothin’ to eat in about three days…”

Well, last night I was walking home, after an evening of drinking mimosas and hanging out with friends. About every 10 feet, I had to stop and scratch my legs – yep, it’s officially mosquito season. They’re everywhere. One of my friends, who had a tube top on, got several nasty bites on her back. As I walked home I noticed I wasn’t the only one stopping to scratch and slap mosquitoes away – everyone was doing it.

So, if I were a bum, I’d head to Walgreens and invest in a pocket-sized bottle of Off or Cutter, then walk around the streets and look for people trying to chase mosquitoes away. “Bug spray, sir?” Those bugs were making me absolutely MISERABLE last night and I gladly would’ve tipped a dollar for the chance to spray down my arms and legs – as annoying as the bums are, the mosquitoes are worse.

Today, I invested in some Cutter myself – got a value pack, a 6-ounce bottle and a bonus 1-ounce pocket-sized bottle. Think I’ll keep the 1-ouncer with me all the time for myself and my friends, and just use the 6-ouncer to refill the little one when it gets low. Unlike the bums, I don’t plan on charging… although, hmmm… maybe I should.