Frank’s Liquors reopens

Frank’s Liquors at the corner of Main and Vance reopens this weekend. It’s been closed for the past year or so, and with the Corkscrew also gone South Main has been badly in need of a place to buy booze. Glad to see it back.

The e-mail I was sent about it says that the owner is still Jennifer, same girl who owned it before. She’s super sweet and was always really good about special-ordering items.

I’ve been told she’s also fully in support of not allowing panhandling to occur in the area outside her store. She’s determined not to let people harass her customers, which is a good thing. Wonder if that means the big cooler of Thunderbird and other bum wines won’t be back? I bought a bottle of the Bird there as a gag gift for a friend in 2005, and Jennifer packaged it up in a pretty silver wrapper.

The e-mail says she’ll be working on a new wine rack in the middle of the store, and will probably stock a wider variety of liquors than in the past.

Welcome back Frank’s… a much needed addition/return to South Main.