Today I’m replacing all the light bulbs in the apartment with energy-saving EcoBulbs. An EcoBulb that burns as brightly as a 100-watt regular light bulb uses only 23 watts of energy.

Actually, being kind to the environment is only half the reason I’m changing bulbs. The other part of it is, EcoBulbs last 5 times longer than regular bulbs. In an apartment with 12-foot ceilings, changing the light bulbs in overhead lights can be a real pain in the ass. I want to do it as little as possible, so I want bulbs that last as long as possible.

Had so much fun at the office Christmas party at E&H last night that I never made it to the Sleep Out Louie’s reunion. They brought out a big plate of Soul Burgers and I POUNCED on it. Boy were those good. The party ended about 9 and some of the sales and marketing people invited me to continue the good times at the Midtown Blue Monkey, but I could tell that staying out late every night this week was starting to take its toll on me. I could see myself falling asleep at a table at the Monkey if I went. So I walked home. Well, not straight home, because the Saucer was on the way. Hung out with the gang there and watched Memphis play in whatever bowl game that was. Was home by 11.

In basketball, (2) Memphis plays (4) Georgetown at 11 AM today at the FedExForum. The gang is meeting at the Saucer about 10:45 (the Saucer is opening an hour early) to watch the game. Gonna be weird being in the Saucer that early. I hope they have a good Fire Sale today.

Finally done with all the Christmas parties. No idea what I’ll be getting into tonight. Since I’m not doing Sunday brunch tomorrow, I’m giving myself permission to stay out extra late if I feel like it.