Nice apartments for rent near Main and Gayoso

Walking down the New Main block yesterday, on the Main Street Mall between Union and Gayoso, I noticed that two apartments had “for rent” signs in the window. All the apartments on that block are new conversions and are VERY nice. It’s quite rare indeed to see even one up for rent, much less two.

One is a two bedroom/two bath on the third floor of the building that houses Sauces. The other is on the second floor of 105 S. Main and the sign didn’t say how many bedrooms or baths.

Not only are the apartments really nice, but the location is ideal. You’d have less than a two block walk to Sauces, Rio Loco, Sawaddii, Huey’s, Automatic Slim’s, Cafe 61, Big Foot Lodge, a convenience store, the Flying Fish, Encore, McGuinness, the Peabody Place mall, Flying Saucer, Swig, Majestic Grille, Bluefin, Circa, Cayenne Moon, and the Butcher Shop. You’d also be right on the trolley line for easy access to the Pinch/Uptown and South Main.

If you’re considering moving Downtown, this would be an opportunity to jump on. If interested I suggest you drive down there today and get the phone numbers to call, because these units will not stay available for long.

Not sure what the rents are, but in that area they tend to average about $1/square foot. My guess would be in the $800-1,050 range for 1 bedrooms and $1,100-1,400 for 2 bedrooms.