C’mon get happy… and other notes

Last night I hit Circa’s Wednesday night happy hour where they have $8 wine flights – three 2 oz. servings of any of their by-the-glass wines, normally $12. I did two flights, first a red flight and then one with sweet white wines. Not being a wine expert (that’s part of why I’m doing it, to learn), I let bartender Steven pick the wines. I trust his judgment, as he served me many a beer in my mug at the Tap Room in a former life.

My favorite of the reds was Earth, Zin & Fire red zinfandel. Loaded with flavor. Steven told me the story of the wine… the winery had a big party and got Earth, Wind and Fire to play. They made the wine specially for the party, and it was supposed to be a one-time thing. However, the wine was so good that they kept it around, and they now have a party with Earth, Wind and Fire once a year. How many bands have a wine named after them?

The whites were VERY sweet. I know it’s more sophisticated to be into dry white wines, but come on, I drink PBR cans at some of the other bars Downtown. My favorite of the three was Champalou Vouvray.

I definitely take notes when I’m in there, for future trips to the liquor store to stock up on wine to keep in my apartment. Heh… think I’ll buy a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 too, for the next time I bring a date back to my apartment and offer her a glass of wine. I’ll let her get freaked out by the MD 20/20 for a minute and then pop a bottle of good wine.

Saw fellow blogger Downtown Amy in there. Circa seems to have quite a few bloggers who are regulars. John Bragg e-mailed me about a month ago asking what he’d have to do to get me in there more often… the happy hours are working. Another suggestion: Hire some Romanian waitresses. Wait, I sit at the bar at Circa. Hire some Romanian bartenders.

The Rapscallions took not only first, but second at trivia Tuesday night. With a shortage of teams, the manager told us he might not award all three prizes. So half the team split off and played, with the Rapscallions taking first and Mormons for Gay Polygamy (don’t ask me, I didn’t name them) coming in second. That brings our gift certificate stash to $170. Currently the plan is to throw our money in with a couple of people having plate parties at the end of January to have a mega-party.

Bumper sticker I saw while in Little Rock: “1.20.09: The End of an Error.”

Tonight I’m thinking about doing another happy hour with another former Tap Room bartender – Sauces happy hour with Ugly Steve. I’ll be there until about 7 (I DEFINITELY won’t be sticking around once the beers revert to full price, which at Sauces is a very full price indeed). Next stop will be the Flying Saucer. After that MAYBE Hoop’s Bar/EP’s, depending on how tired I am. Only about a 50% chance I’ll make it that far though.

In news from around the blogosphere… my favorite blogger/MILF is so hot that her car caught on fire.

Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well and slept until 8:30 yesterday morning, got up, brushed my teeth and went to work. Which meant I had to come home at lunch and shower. Which meant there simply wasn’t any time to post. Not that it would have been all that interesting anyway.

Off to another exciting day at work.