Friday update: Calhoun’s sports bar, Liberty Bowl stuff, South Main Trolley Tour and more

I’ve heard from two different sources that Calhoun’s, the sports bar on G.E. Patterson in the old convenience store space, will open for business on the 31st. The info, I’m told, went out in an e-mail newsletter that its neighbor down the street Delphinium sent to its customers.

Liberty Bowl parade on Beale today at 4:00. Better get there early if you want to grab a spot – this one tends to draw a lot more people than the Christmas and St. Pat’s parades on Beale. I’ve been seeing people in UCF attire all week long… guess the Mississippi State folks are waiting ’til the day of to drive up. The game is tomorrow at 3:30.

Tonight is the last Friday of the month, which means it’s South Main Trolley Art Tour. I’ll probably head down there at some point in the evening.

And tomorrow night it’s (2) Memphis vs. (17) Arizona (Edit: not Arizona State as I originally posted) at the FedExForum, 9 PM. With the game going on and the Liberty Bowl crowd coming downtown to party after the game, it’s going to be a wild and crazy night.

Didn’t make it to Sauces’ happy hour last night after receiving a text that my bartender Ugly Steve is no longer there. So instead I went to (can you guess it? can you?) the Flying Saucer. Hung out with the gang there until about 9, then we moved down the street to Hoop’s Bar. I had their “pizza of the week,” a philly cheese steak pizza, and it was very good. Lasted until a little after midnight… wandered through EP’s on the way out, and it was DEAD. I guess people are saving up their partying energy for this weekend.

Speaking of which… starting at 5 PM today, I have a 4-day weekend!!! Maybe a happy hour or two and trolley tour tonight, then tomorrow night I’ll go somewhere to watch the Tigers with the gang, Sunday is of course Sunday Fun Day at the Majestic and the Flying Saucer, Monday is New Year’s Eve at the Majestic followed by the private party I’ve talked about previously, and Tuesday I’ll go somewhere to watch the Hogs kick Missouri’s ass at the Cotton Bowl, then kick some ass at trivia with the Rapscallions.

May have one drink at Circa tonight before moving on to the Saucer and then trolley tour… I’m kinda curious about this “free hors d’ouevres at the bar” thing they do at the bar on Friday and Saturday nights. In the words of pro wrestler Stevie Ray, “suckas gots to know.”

Just checked my MySpace account… the signal-to-noise ratio is getting really bad over there. For every one real message or friend request I get, I get about 20 from webcam girls wanting me to pay to look at their pictures. If this keeps up I may quit MySpace altogether. Facebook is better anyway.

I’ll try to find SOMETHING to post at lunch today, since some of my readers have expressed disappointment in the lack of recent midday posts. Unfortunately the only thing I have on deck right now is a rather obscene story about two of the bums Downtown. If I can’t think of anything better by noon or so, that’ll go up.