Zombie video, Megan needs to buy me a drink, film contest, Cinco de Mayo, and more

This year, instead of shooting pictures of the Memphis Zombie Massacre that happened last night on South Main, I decided to go for video. Here it is:

8 minute, 16 second video. Warning: The first minute or so starts off a bit slow; after that it gets good. Video shot outside 417 South Main.

Recap of last night: Almost started the evening at Big Foot. As I was walking past Big Foot on my way to the Saucer, I saw server Megan in the window and I knocked on the glass. “Megan, buy me a drink,” I said. She shook her head no, so I decided to skip Big Foot. Megan needs to learn how to cultivate good customers. Perhaps I should make a rule: No more trips to Big Foot until Megan buys me a drink. Hmmm. I’ll think about it.

I then headed to the Saucer. Two beers there, then on to Trolley Tour where I first stopped by Bluff City Coffee to get an Acai Plus Smoothie as suggested by AL. It wasn’t bad. I’ll admit I felt a lot better after drinking it. I’ll probably grab another one today as I head to the hot wing festival.

Then it was on to Mikey’s patio, where the group had gathered to watch the Zombie Walk. Hung out there, shot the video shown above, drank Miller High Life Light, a brand of beer I did not even know existed. “The West Memphis Walgreens was out of PBR,” Mikey explained.

Left the patio for a while to make a tour of the art galleries. The gallery next door to Calhoun’s has Red Rooster co-owner Robby Bobby’s work on display. Cool. Glad to see him making a name for himself in the Memphis art community. I was there when he created some of those paintings onstage.

Hung out on the patio until about 10, then headed back to the Saucer. I would have preferred to stay in South Main longer, but the skies were threatening rain and I didn’t want to be so far from home. Saucer sucked – the weekend night crowd was there – so it was one and done. That moved me on to my next stop, the Red Rooster, and I got there before 11, considerably earlier than I usually go on the weekends.

While there I had a revelation – I’m way too hard on girls who score free drinks at bars. I was sitting at the bar to the right of the stage, and this group of girls came in and sat in the seats next to mine. Before they even sat down a bunch of guys had pounced, offering to buy them drinks. The one next to me said she had just bought a drink, and one of the dudes said, “When you’re ready for the next one, I’m right here.” They had about four more offers for drinks in the next 15 minutes. Then someone bought them all shots. And the girls weren’t doing ANYTHING to encourage it, other than sitting there, watching the band, and being hot. I chatted with the one next to me. She was actually really, really sweet. I kinda can’t blame them for going out and scoring free drinks. I don’t know how they put up with all the loser guys though.

In the news: ArtsMemphis will hold a screening party for the finalists in its film contest next Wednesday, April 30 at Studio on the Square from 6:30 to 8:30. The winner will be announced, and $3,000 in cash prizes will be handed out. You’ll also be able to vote on a film to receive a special patron’s choice award. To reserve your seat, e-mail lboyer@artsmemphis.org.

The South Main Association will hold a Cinco de Mayo party at the Arcade Restaurant Monday, May 5 from 6 to 10 PM. Free for South Main Association members. Free food, and two free drink tickets. If you’re not an SMA member you can join at the door – $25 for individuals, $35 for two-person households, $80 for businesses.

Yikes! Hot Wing Fest started two hours ago. I need to get down there.