Saturday recap

Hot wing fest was a lot of fun.  Hung out with some of the gang, drank beer, donated to Ronald McDonald House, that kind of thing.  Best suggestion of the day was that there needs to be a special “Paul’s Drunkass Wings” contest, among the restaurants I stumble into to get to-go wings after I’ve had enough (or too much) beer.  Big Foot and Huey’s would be the main contestants.  I’ve had Wang’s chicken wings so I guess they could enter too.  And I’ve been to a couple of bowling parties at Jillian’s where wings were served, so they could compete as well.

After the festival I hung out at the Saucer, and then ended up going to some places I haven’t been in a while – went to Superior Bar, then Pat O’s.  The group I was with figured it might be our last chance to drink a Hurricane at Pat O’s, since foreclosure is looming.  They have a huge “WE’RE OPEN” banner hanging from the balcony.  When a business that’s been around for 6 years has to put up a huge “WE’RE OPEN” sign to draw people in, it’s a sign that they’re in pretty big trouble.  I was there during what would be prime time for the place – about midnight – and it was less than half full.  On a Saturday, which should be their busiest night of the week.  Not good.

Meant to make it a late night, but that Hurricane KILLED me.  By the time I polished off that thing, I could barely stand.  Of course, the fact that I had been drinking beer for 10 hours before buying the Hurricane probably had a lot to do with it too.  Also the shot I had at Superior Bar, which looked to be at least a double.  Damn shots.  I was home by 12:30.

Since Wine Race is today, I’m having to rearrange my schedule a little.

10:30-11:59 – brunch at McGuinness
12-4 – Wine Race
After that – don’t know.  Saucer, random bars on Beale Street, Itta Bena, and Calhoun’s are all possibilities.  I do want to get to Itta Bena at some point for the debut of “Sundays with Sam.”

Just checked the weather and saw that I may have to revise my plans yet again… high 62, low 45, with 80% chance of rain.  That sux.

The Downtown safety patrol is working so well that one of the bums went legit and got himself a J-O-B.  I would be proud of the guy, but he got a job as a parking attendant… after having been one of the worst parking lot and parking meter scammers down here for years.  I’m not sure what to think about this.  We’re keeping our eye on him.  I wonder what he said in the job interview when they asked if he had any experience.

All right… time to get this party started.