A few pics from Hot Wing Fest

Hey, YouTube took down my bum video that I posted last night!  Rats.

My friend AL e-mailed about the Acai Plus Smoothie, her favorite at Bluff City Coffee, which I tried Friday night.  She said she was glad I liked it and recommended adding a scoop of chocolate protein powder next time I have one (you have to bring your own, Bluff City doesn’t have it).  I too was thinking about additives to the smoothie, but I was thinking more in terms of vodka.

Here are some pics from Saturday’s Hot Wing Festival on South Main:

Here’s a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating.

This team went low-tech on their booth’s sign, but they won the contest.  I saw our BBQ team captain Chuck, who is currently working out the team budget, looking at this sign and taking notes.

A shot of the crowd, looking toward the stage.

A shot from in front of the stage, looking back toward the entrance.  This festival was in Poplar Lounge’s parking lot for its first five years, but outgrew it and moved to South Main.  It was well attended and I have a feeling it will get even bigger next year.

Only in Memphis will you see spinner rims on Segways.

CA writer Michael Donohue taking pics for his column.

Cup on the left:  “I only have a drinking problem when the cup is empty.”  Cup on the right:  “Well-behaved women rarely make history.”

Tonight:  The usual Tuesday night stuff.  Trivia at the Saucer.  After that I’ll probably head south to Calhoun’s for $1.50 PBR.