For the first time in years…

… I’m going to Music Fest.  I bought my 3-day pass this morning online.

Normally I’m not a fan of Music Fest, due to lousy weather, a crowded park, and amateur drunks.  However, this year, thanks to connections I have at the Memphis Flyer, I got access to their tent.  Free food and beer all weekend, plus I’ll know a lot of people in the tent.  Looking at it that way, the $76 ticket fee (after all of Ticketmaster’s stupid charges are added on) looks like a pretty good deal – less than I’d pay to eat and drink on a normal weekend.

I don’t really get into the music that much… the only act I plan to make an effort to see is Lord T and Eloise at 6:05 Friday.  Otherwise, I’m there just to hang out.

All right… time to get some work done.  More posts to come today.