Hey mayne I gots a 3-pack of underwear I’m trying to sell. It’s 5 dolla at Target but I’ll sell it to you for a dolla and seventy-five cent

Panhandling hit a new all-time low tonight. I was at the Saucer window and this guy comes up and asks if I want to buy some underwear. No kidding, he was holding a 3-pack of men’s underwear, still in the plastic container, in his hand.

We called the bum patrol and had him run off. Here’s a video of him making a graceful exit:

In other news:  I reported that my BFF tried to get me to drive and pick up her roommate after selling me three 34 oz. beers.  I WAS JUST KIDDING.  Number one, I don’t drive after that many beers (after even one beer, really, anymore).  Number two, my BFF knows I don’t drive after that many beers.  Number three, she wouldn’t let me anyway, because my BFF cares about me (way more than she’ll ever admit).  Okay?  Chill out.  Damn people take my drunk posts too seriously.  Not that she doesn’t need to be talked to about “responsibility” but not because of yesterday’s post.

Tons more to post about but once again I’m too drunk and have to call it a night.