Wed update: Two new patios, bake sale, BFF, parking scammer, veggie wrap, and who’s showing the Kentucky Derby?

The Rapscallions took second in trivia last night, bringing our total gift certificate stash to $50.  Afterward I headed south to Calhoun’s.  I got an advance look at their new patio, which is not open yet but will be very, very soon… really, all that remains is acquiring furniture.  Should be a very nice spot to hang out and will add another 20 people or so to the place’s capacity.

The Red Rooster has also added a patio.  There’s an exit door to the right of the stage which leads outside to 6-8 tables of patio seating.  I can envision myself sitting out there sometime very soon, enjoying a Yuengling and the Rooster’s mountainous order of nachos.

The Residence Inn (formerly the Wm. Len) at Main and Monroe is having a bake sale Friday, May 2 in support of Make-A-Wish.  Sale will run from 10 to 2, so those who work Downtown will be able to hit it in their lunch hour.

So, earlier this month I asked my readers to advise me on whether to kick my BFF to the curb and get a better one, or keep her.  So far my BFF has managed to survive being kicked, despite the votes going over 90% against her.  And they keep coming in.  Last night Sunday brunch crew member Air Traffic Mike was out in East Memphis, and someone who describes herself as “an avid reader of my blog” asked Mike to get this to me:

This is a person I’ve never even met.  Wow.  No one likes my BFF.  She’s still very close to being kicked, but I can’t do it to her so close to her birthday.

The Downtown safety patrol and the Handling-Panhandling forum got a trophy recently.  The patrol caught one of the area’s worst parking scammers charging people to park cars on Beale Street near Main.  He had a credential/badge on him issued by a business on Pontotoc near Third.  That didn’t add up.  A parking credential from a business several blocks away does not entitle a panhandler to charge people to park in public metered spaces, although it could be used to confuse out-of-towners enough to cause them to fork over some money.  Handling-Panhandling co-founder Mike King went to the business that issued the credential to investigate.  Turns out they had hired the panhandler one time, several years ago, to park cars on their lot (Pontotoc is near the FedExForum, so they can make money on game nights).  However, he is now not allowed on their lot, they’ve filed two Authorizations of Agency against him to make it illegal for him to trespass on their lot, and he is definitely not their representative in any way.  Proof positive that the guy is a scammer.  Needless to say he is no longer in possession of the parking credential.  Congratulations to the safety patrol and to Mike King – great job!  More evidence that we need to keep the patrol past the 90-day trial period.

Is anyplace Downtown having a special screening of the Kentucky Derby?  I have a blog reader who wants to know.

I’ve had several people who read my Majestic new menu post inquire as to what’s in the veggie wrap.  It’s hummus, grilled artichokes, roasted peppers, goat cheese, and tomatoes in a whole grain tortilla.  Sorry, guess I should’ve included the ingredients in my earlier post… guess I need to make the blog vegetarian-friendly.  The wrap does sound good, although it would sound even better with some tasty dead animals added.

Time to get some work done.  The thing is, I enjoy my job, but when people ask, “How was work today?”, it’s hard to come up with anything interesting to tell them.  “I revised some C# methods in our product’s business logic layer to eliminate bugs” is not exactly stimulating conversation.  I used to tell people I skate in Sesame Street on Ice and play the role of Big Bird.  Maybe I’ll go back to doing that.

Oh.  Speaking of Big Bird… one more thing before I go.  I’ve been told the new Downtown Blue Monkey (which is STILL not open) building has been painted bright, bright, bright yellow.  Really, really bright.

Okay… now I’m outta here.