Tube Top Boutique updated for 2008

It’s May 27, which means Tube Top Month is a mere five days away.  I spent part of the weekend updating the Tube Top Boutique, my storefront that sells tube tops.

The boutique sells solid colored tube tops, striped tube tops, print tube tops, tube top jumpsuits and rompers, almost tube tops (halter tops – if it has straps it technically isn’t a tube top), and tube top accessories such as strapless bras.  In addition to loading up those categories with new inventory for ’08, I upgraded the software behind the site to improve the shopping cart and other parts of the shopping experience.

All credit card processing and shipping is handled by, so you know you’re doing business with a site you can trust.  All my site does is refer business to Amazon… every time someone buys a tube top from the boutique, I get a 4-8% commission on the sale depending on monthly volume.  So, you can buy some tube tops and support your local blogger at the same time.

ATTN MY FAVORITE BLOGGER/MILF:  This year I’ve added a new category called NFL tube tops.  Take a look at the tube top below, available under that category:

It’s the Indianapolis Colts tube top.  It can be worn with or without the strap (I recommend “without,” as it’s not a true tube top “with”).  So my favorite blogger/MILF can show her support for her stupid overrated Peyton and wear a tube top at the same time.

*sigh* Long weekend is over… so the days of 9, 10, 12 hour sleep are gone for a while.  Back to work.  Trivia night tonight at the Saucer, possibly followed by a stop at Calhoun’s or whatever they’re calling it now.