Announcing my new drinking search engines

My new search engines are ready for rollout.  Here’s the scoop on each one:

Happy hour and drink special search engine – on this page you can search for happy hours and daily drink specials in your area by city/state or zip code, and by day.  I’ve added about 25 listings for Downtown Memphis, but eventually I hope to have listings nationwide.  If your favorite bar has drink specials and you don’t see them, you can use our friendly interface to add them.  Bar owners can also edit listings if they find information on the site that is out of date or incorrect.

Cheap beer search engine – here you can search for bars in your city that sell one or more beers for $2 all day, every day.  If you know of a bar that has a great deal on beer and you don’t see it, you can add it.  This search engine is only for beer deals that are “all day, every day,” available to all patrons of legal age, without additional purchase.

I hope you find these useful… it’s possible you may find a bug or two, a browser in which it doesn’t display properly, etc.  If you do just e-mail me at and I’ll look into it.

Over time, I’m hoping that these search engines will build up enough listings to be useful not only to Downtown Memphis or Memphis in general, but nationwide.