It’s Monday night. Where’s the cheap beer?

Bardog was out of PBR again when I stopped by last night, so it’s temporarily off the cheap beer list until they get a delivery.  So, where can you get cheap beer tonight?

  • Flying Saucer has Pint Nite, with almost all their draft pints for $2.75.
  • Big Foot Lodge has $2 Super Cold 34 oz. Coors Light during the Monday Night Football game.
  • Calhoun’s has pints of PBR for $1.50.

I’ll be at the Saucer… it has the most TVs for football viewing of any of the three bars mentioned above (seven, with the big screens pulled down).  It also has a much larger capacity, friendly bartenders, pool and darts, what I call the circulation/”you never know who you’ll run into” factor, and most importantly, the waitresses wear really short skirts.

If you’re hungry, I recommend going to Big Foot – they have the best food of the three – and sitting at a table.  You won’t have a good view of the TVs though.  In addition to the $2 beer, they have $3 blue kamikazes, $4 100 proof tequila, and 24 wings for $9.99 during the game.

If you live in South Main and like PBR, Calhoun’s Sports Bar is a short walk to a friendly neighborhood bar.  The regulars are very very very enthusiastic about the place.

Be careful tonight if you’re driving.  It looks like the rain will move out of here before it drops below freezing, but you never know with the Memphis weather.  Walking and the trolley are better options if you’re within short range.