That’s right, that’s right… it’s time to launch another new site. Also: the restaurant coupon code I forgot to include in this morning’s post

This morning I told you about two web stores my friend Buck Daddy had recently launched.  Well, now it’s time to launch another of my own:

College Logo Billiards is the latest in my series of “college logo” niche stores, organizing billiards and pool items sold through into an easy-to-find-things shopping experience.  There you’ll find items like logo pool balls, pool cues, pool felt, and pool lighting for about 70 top schools.  I’m sad to report that I couldn’t find Memphis Tigers merchandise for this store, although other area schools are represented.  As always, Amazon handles the secure checkout and shipping.  I never see your name or credit card number, just a report that I’ve received commission on items ordered.

I’ve been informed that I left something out of this morning’s post… I told you that there’s an 80% off coupon code for good through Christmas, but I forgot to tell you what it was! Typical Monday morning for me, sorry. The coupon code is HOLIDAY.

Going to see if I can crank out another website this afternoon before I hit Pint Nite at 5… I’ve pretty much got them on a production line now.