Watching the weather… and launching sites

Sitting here watching the weather.  I’m supposed to drive to Little Rock today, but it’s below freezing with ice and snow between here and there.  I’m going to wait until about 2 and see if it gets significantly above freezing all the way there.

In the meantime… time to launch my latest website.

College Logo Golf Bags is the place to find not only golf bags, but golf balls, golf towels, and other golf accessories with your favorite college logo.  You’ve seen me launch enough of these things to know how they work, secure checkout and shipping by Amazon, I never see your name or credit card number, blah blah blah.  There is a Memphis Tigers golf bag in the store, as well as Memphis golf balls, divot tools, and towels.

I’ve been asked what is open Christmas Eve/Day.  I haven’t compiled much of a list, since I’m heading out of town.  I know that you can usually count on Westy’s and Wang’s to always be open, and restaurants inside hotels pretty much have to be (although for the more popular you’ll need reservations).  Bardog Tavern will have its tree trimming party tomorrow, so it will be open for Christmas Eve, and will open at 5 Christmas Day.  Flying Saucer will be close at 4 PM Christmas Eve and reopen at 5 Christmas Day.  I’d guess most of the restaurant row along Union and Second will be closed on Christmas Day.  Not sure about Calhoun’s and Earnestine & Hazel’s.  If you know of a place Downtown that will be open, shoot me an e-mail ( and let me know and I’ll post it.

Temp still hovering around 33 here and 30 in Little Rock.  I’m going to wait until about 2 and then make a decision.  If conditions don’t improve by then, I’ll postpone my trip until morning and join the team at the Flying Saucer for trivia.  Back in town Friday night either way.