More New Year’s Eve stuff to come

Thanks to the people who e-mailed me about a couple of New Year’s Eve events I missed in my last post.  I also got a copy of this week’s Memphis Flyer and found several more.  I’ll do Draft 2 of “what’s going on Downtown New Year’s Eve” tomorrow or Monday.

Been busy.  Took the laptop to the Second Street branch office and worked all afternoon.  Early next week I’ll unveil my newest websites – 13 of them, with more to come after that.  I’ve got these things on a production line and am going to start cranking them out in rapid succession.  I’ve also figured out a way to stop paying $10.19 to GoDaddy for a domain name every time I want to build a new site.  Maybe reading the Warren Buffett biography has inspired me to find new ways to cut costs to a bare minimum.

Going back out in a few minutes, although I have no particular plans for the evening.  The rain will probably keep me close to home, so probably the golden trio of the Saucer, Voodoo Room/Hoop’s new bar, and Bardog will command my attention.

I’m doing brunch tomorrow at Slim’s again.  Looking forward to trying more of Michael Patrick’s excellent menu.