Last post of 2008 (probably)

A few notes to end 2008…

The Hard Rock Cafe on Beale e-mailed me and asked me to inform everyone that they are among the Downtown businesses offering free Wi-Fi to customers.

The Liberty Bowl parade is on Beale Street tomorrow at 3 PM.

I had someone e-mail me and ask if I know of any place serving the traditional New Year’s meal of blackeyed peas and greens tomorrow.  I don’t know of any specific restaurant doing it, but my guess would be to try the restaurants on Beale, many of which specialize in Southern dishes like ribs and chicken anyway.  Probably the first place I’d try would be Miss Polly’s next to Club 152.

There aren’t any cab companies offering free rides home tonight.  The cops will be out in extra force, so be careful.  Take some extra $ to get a ride back home if you come Downtown without a designated driver.  Leaving your car Downtown and coming to get it the next day is a better bet than a DUI charge.

French Broad Brewing Company, based in Asheville, NC, will have a fresh keg of cask-conditioned ESB (Extra Special Bitter beer) Friday night at the Flying Saucer.  The Saucer will start carrying several of their products at that time.

Heading to dinner at the Majestic in a little while.  I had someone ask if they need to wear a tie to tonight’s dinner.  General rule of thumb here, events I have a hand in planning will never have dress codes, with the exception of TubeTopalooza.  It’s the Nirvana dress code – “come as you are.”

Looking forward to a few surprises at dinner tonight, and then a blast of a party on South Main.  I have all three camera batteries fully charged.  There will surely be a photo album posted in the days ahead.  Happy New Year everyone!