A good Wednesday

It’s been a good Wednesday.  Earlier I posted that a man who once ran a very successful business in Downtown Memphis is getting ready to open a new place in the Downtown core.  I hadn’t verified this for myself, so I held back details and took a walk up Second Street, where I was told it would be.  The door was shut and the windows were taped over, so I couldn’t tell what was going on.  However, a Cadillac Escalade was parked on the street.  A white Escalade with the businessman’s name in gold letters painted on the side.

Later in the day, I had another blog reader confirm that he saw the place – it’s next door to Elliott’s on Second, between Madison and Monroe.  When this reader walked by, the door was open and the walls were being repainted white.  With black handprints.  And the man himself was inside.

Yep, the person I’m referring to is none other than Mr. Robert Raiford.  A reader who e-mailed me talked to him last night, and he’s opening a new disco in that location, probably in early to mid April.

So there’s going to be a club owned and DJed by Raiford about a block from my front door?  JACKPOT!!!!!

Today I finished the second long documentation scenario I had to get done, full of screen captures and other stuff I had put off doing.  With that out of the way, I decided it was time for a little poker online.  The free tables are so full of bozos that I decided to drop $20 on PokerStars and play their 2 cent/5 cent tables.

Then I got a text that Dos Equis Lager was on Fire Sale, so I packed up the laptop and headed to the Saucer.  I proceeded to play online poker from there.  The play was much different from the free tables, meaning the people weren’t generally crazy.  I finished the session about $7 up on my $20 bankroll, very acceptable for my first time playing real-money poker online.

My health guru sent me a good site today:  ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com.  It contains images of dishes like chicken fried bacon with gravy, a Big Mac made with McChicken patties substituted for bread (not for meat – the beef is still there), and deep fried Oreos.  Hopefully the BBQ team cooks will click through to this site and get some ideas for May.

There’s a Sleep Out Louie’s alumni group on Facebook, for those of you who are former SOL regulars.

That’s all for now.  Time for bed.