Not off to a good start

Today is not off to a good start.  I thought it would be.  I ordered a new iPhone through AT&T.  I charged it last night and connected it to iTunes this morning.  So it was ready to activate.

I went to AT&T’s activation site.  I got all the way through the activation process, and then on the last screen it said, “Sorry, due to an issue with our servers we weren’t able to activate you right now.  Please call (some phone number) if you continue to have problems.”

So I tried to call the number with my old Verizon phone.  That didn’t work.  AT&T wasn’t able to activate my new phone, but they did deactivate my old one.

So I tried to register again.  It said “This phone has already been registered.  If you think this message is in error please call (phone number).”  Which I can’t do because I don’t have service from either phone.

I tried to access their online chat support feature, but they wanted me to register first.  After I did, they sent me a password – they texted it to my new phone, which doesn’t work.  The only other option for getting me the password is U.S. Mail, which is not much help.

It gets better.  Last night I tried to pay at the Saucer and my debit card was declined.  I called the bank (my old phone still worked then) and they told me they had a threat of identity theft and had to issue a number of new cards.  They told me to check my mailbox, that my new card should be there.  It was.

But before I can use the card, I have to activate it with my home phone.  Which doesn’t work right now.

The only reason this stopped short of being a total emergency is that I had a couple hundred dollars cash stashed away for a rainy day.  So I can still live my life this weekend.

Gonna wander down to the Saucer or somewhere and see if I can borrow someone’s phone and get this mess straightened out.  I may be unavailable by phone this weekend though.