Friday afternoon thoughts

After Memorial Day weekend, I’m going to get back to building new websites, specifically, storefronts. Related to that, I have a question for my female readers. I want to design some sister sites to Tube Top Boutique, where I focus on a very narrow niche of women’s fashion. What niche do you think my next storefront should focus on? If you have ideas, shoot ’em to

It’s been a fulfilling week at work… I’ve spent most of this week setting up a WordPress blog that we’re going to roll out next month. As a result, I’ve gained a much better understanding of WordPress than I had before. I’ve added a lot of bells and whistles that are going to WOW the blog’s readers and keep them coming back. I’ve also learned a lot of tricks that I will eventually use on my own blog.

I feel like I’ve finally found my niche. I’m a marketing person with a very strong knowledge of IT, rather than an IT person. I enjoy creating things that will excite and motivate people. I don’t enjoy optimizing SQL Server stored procedures to reduce import and transformation time of large data files by 10%.

Got another question… those of you who work near the airport, where is there a place to pick up a Memphis Flyer in that part of town? It’s Friday and I haven’t read the Flyer yet. That’s completely unacceptable, especially since it’s one of my main sources for blog info. You just don’t see green boxes out by the airport like you do in Downtown and Midtown.

All right… had a friend call and say he was at the Saucer before I even left work… time to head up there and get the weekend started.