Couple of quick Friday morning news items

Beginning July 1, out-of-state wineries will be able to ship wine directly to Tennessee residents.  They will still have to register with the Tennessee ABC and get a permit.

In honor of the long weekend, Kooky Canuck will sell 34 oz. Super Cold Coors Light for $2 all day Sunday.  Most everyone has Monday off to recover, so stop on by and have one, or a few… don’t forget to bring your pennies to tip Meghan, if she’s working.

There’s a Facebook group for Tube Top Month… feel free to join if you’re a fan.  Only 10 more days!

The block party last night was outstanding.  Bluefin had Delirium Nocturnum in bottles for $2 each.  Nice!  They also had delicious beef and shrimp skewers for a buck each.  Great music by the Bluff City Backsliders and Blind Mississippi Morris too.  Those bottles of Delirium took me out of commission early and I just didn’t feel up to the Peabody rooftop.  Hung out at the Saucer for a while then went home and got a good night’s sleep… plenty of weekend coming up to catch up on partying though.

But first, I face an exciting day of diagnosing configuration issues in php.ini files.  Joy joy.