Drunkass post

This is a drunkass post that won’t go up ’til morning because I have to wait for YouTube to process a video.  I’m going to have to leave it overnight before I publish.  But once it loads… here’s a video of Paula & Raiford’s Disco about 2 AM Saturday night.

She’s not seen in the video, but to the girl in the fuchsia tube top who was at Raiford’s: Thank you for all you do.

By the way: The only reason I can claim to be a heterosexual male and know what color “fuchsia” is, is because I run a store that sells tube tops in that color.

I heard that Calhoun’s has raised its PBR price to $2.

The Silly Goose has several new menu items, including lobster dip which I tried tonight… very good.

Dr. Herman Green celebrates his birthday tomorrow… well actually tonight by the time this gets posted… Sunday … his 79th birthday, performing with FreeWorld at Blues City Cafe at 10:30.

Off to bed, although I’ll be awake again by the time you read this.  $2 34 oz. beers at Kooky Canuck all day Sunday.