Fri update: Peabody NYE entertainment, lots of Bardog news, CCC speech

The Peabody announced their featured New Year’s Eve performer last night at their Thursday rooftop finale… it’s Saving Abel. Congrats to the Peabody on a great 2009 rooftop season.

News from Bardog Tavern… they’ve added 5 more tons of air conditioning to deal with the summer heat. So, not only do they have the coldest PBR Downtown, but now they have the coldest bar as well. That’s going to be nice for August, when the temps are sure to push back up to the upper 90s and maybe beyond.

Speaking of PBR… they’re now doing $1.50 PBR all day on Sunday, as well as $2 Schlitz cans. If you get there betweeen noon and 3, you can order off their brunch menu, with omelettes, pancakes, steak and eggs, mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers and more.

Big happy hour news at Bardog for the ladies… according to Aldo, the owner, “starting Friday, July 24th, from 5PM-7PM, the ladies only pay $3 per drink every Mon-Fri, and I don’t care what they drink.” If they can draw more ladies to happy hour, they’ll definitely see me there more often. Of course, $1.50 happy hour PBR is an incentive too. They also have $2.50 Schlitz and Coors cans. And Aldo has announced that he’s “going completely off the deep end here” and charging only $1.50 each for Bardog’s Original Memphis Sliders during happy hour.

They’re also planning the bar’s first birthday party for Sunday, September 20… I hear it’s going to be an alley party with a dunking booth, band, outdoor grill, and here’s the best part… bikini-clad staff. With Cooper-Young Fest on Saturday the 19th, it sounds like that is going to be quite the party weekend.

In the news: CCCC president Jeff Sanford spoke at the organization’s annual luncheon yesterday at the Peabody. He praised all the progress happening Downtown, but he also warned against race-card politics and talked about “an outbreak of political corruption and shocking expressions of entitlement in high and low places” that are prevalent in Memphis. He also said that community-building is harder than it needs to be because of “”a subculture of misconduct that is frankly an absolute embarrassment.” Hmmm ya think he could be talking about anyone in particular? I don’t dare speculate for another six days.

In case you’ve seen me this week and have wondered why I haven’t shaved, I have a white trash party to attend tonight, and I want to sport a redneck ‘stache. I have my outfit picked out already. There will probably be pictures… I hear that a stop at Paula & Raiford’s may be on the agenda later in the evening too. I need to bring a pint to the party… what’s a good redneck liquor?