Pics: Kooky Canuck Halloween party

Sitting here waiting on the car to get serviced so I can get on the road to Little Rock.  I hoped to be on the highway by 9:30 this morning… didn’t get up until 11 though.  Oops.

While I’m waiting, I’ll go ahead and post some pics from the Halloween party last night at Kooky Canuck.


Canadian bacon


He may not be James, but he sure is Brown.


Scary pic of the Nuh-Uh Sister and the Nuh-Uh Girl


The gang


The Fruit of the Loom guy celebrates his costume contest win with a beer.


The Nuh-Uh Girl and Nuh-Uh Sister dancing

There was also a witch dressed up as Pocahontas, but I didn’t get a pic of her.  After Kooky Canuck we stopped by the Saucer for a beer, then I headed to Bardog for to-go food.  Hot dog sliders topped with chili and cheese = yum.  I have to clean up all the chili I spilled on my carpet though.

In the news:  Don Scott, the chef at On the River Seafood, is profiled in Meet the Chef in the CA today.

Good deal on a netbook today on Woot.

All right, that’s it for now.  I’m definitely coming back for Saturday night’s parties, even though it means burning two extra tanks of gas, so there will be more pics.