Wed update

Not a whole lot today… man was I drunk when I posted that video last night.

Article in the CA today about the Washburn Apartments scheduled to open on the Main Street Mall around February 1.  It’s a beautiful building that has sat vacant for far too long.  Glad to see it finally being developed.

Speaking of apartments, I saw on Facebook that the building I live in, Number 10 Main, is offering some really good specials – two months free on a 13 month lease, and free parking for college students, a really nice perk.  As I’ve said before, I’ve lived in this building almost seven years and love the place.  Check it out if you’re ready to make the move Downtown.

I’ll finish this post with a couple of quotes I saw on Twitter.  One of my Twitter friends quoted a news article that said 69% of people are staying home on New Year’s Eve.  A Downtown Memphian replied to her, “Hey, we go out 364 days a year, we can give the newbies 1 night.”  EXACTLY!  NYE = amateur night.  Still undecided for my NYE plans, but I really won’t mind a bit if I end up staying home.

Will probably grab a happy hour beer after work at the Saucer, then will assess the weather situation and determine whether I want to head south to Calhoun’s for the Arizona-Nebraska game.