Last night I had a great dinner at Bangkok Alley – a bomb roll and a Massaman curry which I told them to make extra spicy. I finished about 7:30, paid my tab, and walked out unto Union Avenue. There I found a truck with a dented fender, pulled over by 7 police cars. The truck had careened northbound up Front Street, smashing into a tree, then demolishing a light post, then swideswiping two cars. He turned eastbound on Union where the police finally pulled him over.

That incident pretty much summarizes why I hate Music Fest weekend… besides the weather issues, there’s the fact that it draws the biggest idiots from the entire region. This morning I walked to my parking garage to drive to work, and I saw how many people had left empty glass beer bottles in the parking space next to them when they pulled out. No regard for the fact that the car parked in the next space might get a flat when the driver pulls out without seeing the bottles.  Seriously, is it that hard to find a trash can?

People walking down Main Street going “WOOOOOOOO” at 4:30 in the morning, waking up residents and hotel guests.

I really, really, really hate Music Fest weekend. I’m glad I’m independent and don’t get paid to blog by some civic organization like some of my friends are, because I just can’t put a positive spin on this mess. The weekend completely sucked and I’m glad it’s over.

I guess it could be worse. I could have bought a ticket, not seen the bands I paid to see, and then been chased out of the park early, soaking wet. Not that I’m blaming Memphis in May or the performers… I think MiM made the decisions they needed to make. Had I gone, I’d have been given access to the Memphis Flyer tent with free food and beer. You know it’s a bad situation when I turn down free beer.

Or I guess I could have had a worse time if I worked in the service industry and had 12-hour days dealing with idiots.

All right, lunch break is over… hopefully I’ll post something more positive when I get home from work.