Wed update: Christine by Shelton, oil spill, Orpheum movies, CCC job, HUD grant to demolish Cleaborn Homes

The new women’s clothing store on the Main Street Mall, Christine by Shelton Clothiers, will have its grand opening this Saturday, June 5, from 5 to 9 PM. Food by Circa, wine and beer, music by the Jesse Smith Band. 10% of sales at the grand opening will be donated to LeBonheur to help fund its expansion. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up? Also, I wonder if Christine will be selling tube tops?

I found this site which lets you overlay the BP oil spill over any city to see how large it is. If centered on Memphis, the spill would extend nearly to Little Rock in the west.

By the way, I got an e-mail from a reader noting that just because a local gas station displays the BP logo, does NOT necessarily mean they buy gas from BP. A local station like BP Riverside, he said, would likely buy gas from local suppliers, possibly Valero. While I’m all in favor of getting revenge on BP for this disaster, we do need to be careful and not punish a good local station that is part of the community and which has one of the best delis Downtown.

The Orpheum has released its summer movie series lineup. Caddyshack and ET are among the films. Friday, August 20 is Rocky Horror night.

Need a job? The CCC is seeking a Development Project Manager.

City government has received a $22 million grant to demolish Cleaborn Homes east of Danny Thomas near Vance. Their plan is to replace the housing project with mixed-use, mixed-income residental facilities with early childhood programs. Some of the old residents will be able to move back in on completion. All of the current residents will get help finding a new place to live. The city has previously done this with Lauderdale Courts, Hurt Village, and Lamar Terrace with great success. They’re hoping to get money to demolish Foote Homes across Danny Thomas next. Many of Downtown’s panhandlers, crackheads and criminals live in Cleaborn and Foote. Glad to see the city cleaning that mess up.

Time for lunch.  I found a place near where I work that has chicken livers… my grandmother got me into those when I was a little kid.  Will probably be out somewhere tonight.  Anyone seen the Fire Sale yet?