Fri update: Pizza, avoid annoying people, WordPress, Rockbottom, Hollywood Disco, Bardog, the Peabody and more

Like pizza?  A pizza place in the Pinch is having its grand opening party tonight.  Ferraro’s Pizza & Pub at 111 Jackson features New York-style pies and homemade stromboli.  They have PBR on tap, so this is clearly a Downtown business that understands what its customers want.  You can “like” them on Facebook to keep up with the latest news from Ferraro’s.

Mashable had an article yesterday about a plugin for Foursquare that is sheer genius – Avoidr.  Avoidr lets you make lists of people you’re trying to avoid – exes, annoying people, douchebags, etc. – and then you can use their web interface to see where in the neighborhood those people are.  I know a lot of Downtowners who will find this tool useful.

Mashable also had a post that is a collection of WordPress 3.0 resources.  I’ve read a little about WP 3.0 and I am becoming convinced it is the CMS of the future.  Everyone is going to be using it, or a tool like it, in 3-5 years.  Congrats to local tech ninja Otto on getting mentioned not once, but twice, in Mashable’s post.

Rehab Disco posted on Facebook that their downstairs bar, Rockbottom, has added an Internet jukebox and an ATM “for your Downtown get-down.”

I’ve been forgetting to include Country on Beale in my Thursday night run-down of events, probably because I’m not into country.  Hollywood Disco has announced that they will have a COB after-party every Thursday night from 9 to 2.  Hollywood Disco is 18 and up Thursday and Friday, one of the few clubs in the city where you don’t have to be 21 to get in.

Bardog Tavern has announced they will open an hour early, at 11 AM, on Saturday, to accommodate those who want to watch the World Cup.  They have $3 Guinness during WC games.  I’ve been told that Wednesday morning when they opened early for the USA-Algeria game, it was about as busy as a typical Saturday night around midnight.  Wow.

Congrats to the Peabody Thursday night parties on being named one of the top 10 rooftop bars in the US by Gadling.

I’ll be at Trolley Night on South Main tonight, with appearances by local sports mascots and belly dancers.  Temps are still expected to be hot and sticky, so a tube top is advisable attire if you’re thinking about coming down.  I’ll have the camera with me and am looking for some tube top pics to post to the blog, so stop me if you have one on.