Sliders and Coke Cake @ Circa

Tonight I hung out at the Saucer, pregaming for the Peabody rooftop party.  But then my friend Frank came in and I ordered another beer.  Then my friend Lee came in and I ordered another beer.  Then I tabbed out and got ready to go, and John Bragg from Circa Foursquared that his sliders and Coke Cake had gone on the menu.  I decided to pass on a night of tube top hunting and eat instead.

Slider at Circa
Coke Cake: Three layer chocolate sponge cake, made with Coca Cola and iced with dark chocolate ganache, with whipped cream.

The Coke Cake was truly Mount St. Cake.  I’m now stuffed, have a food hangover and am about to get the best sleep I’ve had in weeks.  As I ate the cake, I thought, “The Nuh-Uh Girl is my neighbor, maybe I should take half of my cake home and leave it as a surprise on her doorstep.”  Then I reconsidered and ate the rest of the cake myself.