Patio at South of Beale now open

I knew I forgot to mention something in the last post.  South of Beale’s patio has been built and is now open for business.  There was a lively debate on Twitter about whether their patio should be smoking or non-smoking.  (I love how they use social media to get feedback from their most loyal customers.)  After many comments, they came up with a compromise:  Non-smoking patio, but the two tables on the sidewalk by the front door are smoking tables.  Win-win for everyone, although personally, I would have put the smoking tables in the back by the dumpster, so smokers can be in an environment that smells as good as they do.

Great place to dine al fresco in a tube top!  SOB’s summer menu is now on their website.

New pool table at Saucer + tube top pics

Friday I received several texts that the Flying Saucer had a new pool table.  I took a rare night off Friday night, but I went down there yesterday, and there it was.

Check out the side, where you put your money in:

How cool is this?  It accepts dollars.  No more running to the bar to get change!  Furthermore, you can choose between three options:  Regular play ($1.25 per game), timed play (where you pay for a certain amount of time rather than per-game), or speed play (no idea).

One rather interesting feature is that you can buy multiple credits at one time, as you would on a jukebox or video game.  I wonder what this is going to do to the concept of “putting quarters up” to call next game.  That’ll be harder to do if someone has 5 credits already in the table.

I played a couple of games on it, and it is a great table!  Shiny new balls, too.  Nice and smooth and flat.  I guess we won’t get to hear our inspirational leader/father figure call out “SAUCER ROLLLLLLL……” when his shot goes off course anymore.

Meanwhile, Mary Pat fulfilled her promise to wear a traditional ’70s lime green tube top.

Later in the afternoon, Brick walked by the Saucer window.  I know there have been plenty of Brick tube top pics already, but really, can there ever be too much Brick in this blog?

(Note: I had to re-take the photo 5 times before I got one she approved of.)

I took a break from the Saucer to eat dinner at Hari’s, the new Indian place on Main that was reviewed in the CA last week.  I had the chicken curry, which I requested they make spicy, and it was really good, perfect amount of heat.  The bread that came with it was different from the naan I’ve seen in most Indian restaurants, but delicious nonetheless.

Suggestion to those who live in the Downtown core:  Walk home down Main, not Second, this weekend.  People are shooting fireworks out of their car windows on Second.

Just a reminder that about two beer-related celebrations today:  The Flying Saucer will be unveiling new beers from 2 PM to midnight tonight, and “Samual Adams” (geez) will be the Fire Sale.  Down the street, Kooky Canuck will have 99 cent Bud Light draft all day.

Definitely will be staying away from ghettofabulous Beale Street for the Handy Park fireworks celebration.  Closest I’ll get will be the Saucer.  I have inside info where there’s a safe place to view the fireworks and eat food cooked by Chef Michael Patrick, so I may do that tonight.  It’s possible I’ll wander onto Beale late in the evening for FreeWorld’s Sunday night performance at Blues City.  They start at 10:30 and play into the wee hours.

Happy Independence Day everyone!  How wonderful it is to live in a country where we have the freedom to have Tube Top Month!

Poo Trap

I feel bad for lifting two consecutive posts from links on the Hot Chicks with Douchebags site, but this is just too good not to post.  Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with hot chicks, nor douchebags.  It’s about dogs.

It’s after 9 PM and I haven’t gone out yet. Guess it’s time to throw on some clothes and go hunt for tube tops.

Duck face video

There are several marks of the male douchebag: The popped collar, the too-tight Affliction shirt, etc. But for women, nothing says “douchebaguette” more than the duck face. Someone made a video.

Note that there are a couple of tube tops in the video, so this does meet the standards for Tube Top Month Extended.

Fri update: Hari, UFC, Orpheum backstage tour, Schlafly at Saucer, Ghetto Rides, SMA

Hari’s, the restaurant on Main that serves Indian food, burgers and more, was reviewed in the Commercial Appeal. I need to check that place out this weekend. I love Indian food, and am not afraid of extra spice.

Ferraro’s Pizzeria & Pub has announced that they will show UFC 116 tonight on two big screens. Lesnar vs. Carwin… that’s gonna be a good fight. As a pro wrestling fan, I guess I have to root for Brock in this one.

The Orpheum is inviting the public to a “Stage Door Soiree” on Thursday, July 8. For $25 you get to go backstage for a tour. You also get food from the Majestic Grille, Ghost River beer, and entertainment by DJ Witnesse. Call 901-525-3000 for tickets.

Also, on the 8th, the Flying Saucer has announced that Tom Schlafly of Schlafly brewery will be at the bar at 6 PM. If you’re into beer, this is a good chance to come talk to an expert.

Speaking of the Saucer… last week I mentioned that there’s a “Ghetto Rides of Memphis” Facebook group, where people take pics of ghetto cars with the big rims, lime green paint, etc. and upload them. Sunday afternoon/evening, the window seats at the Saucer are likely to offer you lots of ghetto ride photo opportunities. The windows facing Second are probably the best but you really can’t go wrong with any window seat.

Tuesday the 13th is the day of the next SMA meeting. It will be at Muse at 517 S. Main, with featured speaker John Moore, the president and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber. Social at 6, meeting at 6:30. Cash bar, and complimentary hors d’oeuvres provided by Beignet Cafe. Free food? Wonder if the Nuh-Uh Girl will show up.

Fun night last night… started with a couple of Labatt Blues at Kooky Canuck for their Canada Day celebration. Then I headed to the Peabody rooftop, where Lauren and Ashley waved our group up front to dance to Aquanet. Lauren unfortunately wasn’t wearing the tube top dress I photographed her in earlier in the week. After rocking out to Poison’s “Unskinny Bop” and Warrant’s “Cherry Pie,” I walked over to Bardog, where a friend tried to convince me that Poland is the new Romania.

Starting to see “office closing early, weekend has started” tweets from friends… think I may have to shut down Twitter for the afternoon so I don’t have to see those.  At least, once 5 PM gets here, I’ll have a super-sized four-day weekend to look forward to…