Happy birthday Frank

Last night our friend Frank had a big birthday and we celebrated.  Here are a few pics.

We started with dinner for 25 at Pearl's Oyster House. That's the birthday boy in the white polo.
Waiting on our appetizers
The other side of the table
Here's a pic of the Nuh-Uh Girl eating seafood pizza.
After we ordered, the Nuh-Uh Girl went around and asked everyone what food they were getting. That allowed her to make a mental list of whom to pester for samples. Here she is trying "Hot Shucks," char-grilled oysters with jalapeno peppers and pepper jack cheese.

Dinner was delicious – I had the char-grilled oysters and the tilapia.  After taking an eternity to get our checks and pay, we headed north to the Saucer where even more people were waiting for us.

Everyone singing "happy birthday" to Frank at the Saucer

Saucer was crowded and sweaty.  This time I’m not blaming the bar – they had the A/C running, but the fact was that at midnight the heat index was still nearly 100 and there was simply no way it could keep up with a room that full of people.

“Anything would be better than sitting here and sweating to death,” I thought.  Then the group proved me wrong by deciding on karaoke at the Blue Monkey as their next destination.  That sounded like the most lame, boring idea on earth, so I broke away from the group at that point and hit Bardog, the Silly Goose, and Rehab Disco over the next three hours.  I ended up at Rockbottom, the downstairs bar of Rehab Disco, a spot I’m starting to like more and more every time I go in there.

Tweet from Frank’s girlfriend Stephanie, who went to karaoke:  “I’d do anything for Frank.  Even this.”

Bardog, by the way, was equally as crowded as the Saucer, yet I did not get more than 5 steps in the door before Melissa was looking my direction and waving a PBR in the air.  I mentioned that I’d reveal of a few of my Best of Memphis votes after voting ended.  Last night was an example of why Bardog got my vote for “Best Service.”

Still full from last night, but it’s time to eat again:  One of the members of our group has half-off coupons to Texas de Brazil, and I got invited to brunch.  Obviously that’s not an invitation I’m going to turn down.  Time to eat some meat!