3rd Period Smoking Birds @ Lunchbox Eats

Today I made the walk to Lunchbox Eats, the school lunch-themed restaurant that just opened at 288 S. Fourth just south of Linden.  I ran into two of my friends there, who happened to arrive just as I did, so we all sat together.  The entire menu looked good, but all three of us arrived at the same order… the 3rd Period Smoking Birds sandwich, pictured above.  It’s turkey, chicken and duck along with their veggie slaw, stacked on two slices of buttery 7 grain whole wheat bread.  It’s served with Tri-Bird Pan Liquor and your choice of BBQ sauce or green tomato relish.  The sandwich was out of this world.  I’m glad they brought extra napkins because this thing is as messy as any BBQ sandwich.  Which is not a bad thing – messy usually equals good when it comes to dining in Memphis.

They told me that their Graduation Burger is also popular, and reading the menu I can see why.  It’s a juicy cut of meatloaf, tunneled with pepper cheese, topped with mashed potatoes, tomato gravy and crispy tobacco onions on white bread.  That will be my next meal there, although since I work in Horn Lake, who knows when my next meal there will be.  It’s open Monday-Friday 10-3.