Rapscallions are an awesome trivia team… on Tuesday

I was at the Saucer for Pint Nite and Monday Night Football tonight, and my friend Eric was there too.  The Saucer does $25 halftime trivia on MNF nights, and we decided to play as the Rapscallions.

On Tuesday, other trivia teams should fear the Rapscallions, because we usually win or at least get top three.  Monday?  Not so much.  We got one half of one question right, but they don’t do partial credit on Monday.  Eric, displaying a lot more sense than I had, left before the results were even announced.

I did have fun showing off the bite mark Kelly AKA “Pit Bull” AKA “Crocodile” AKA “Shark” left on my arm Sunday.  A day off + a sister celebrating an upcoming wedding + an enabling mother + 6 hours of vodka led to my bite wound.  She better hope I don’t post pics.