Second Mon update: Kooky repairs, a way to be rescued from annoying people, and more on Southwest/AirTran

Earlier today I mentioned Monday Night Football at Kooky Canuck among the list of possible things to do Downtown tonight. Scratch that… Kooky put up a “please pardon our dust” page on Facebook today, saying that they’re going to be closed a few days for repairs. They will reopen Friday, October 1 at 11 AM.

LifeHacker posted today about a service called that could be very useful for people who hang out at Downtown bars. Have you ever been trapped by someone in uninteresting, mundane conversation and you feel like they’ll never shut up? And then finally they do, and you get ready to go back to enjoying your drink, when they go, “Well, you know, I was watching TV or something the other day, and…” and start another long conversation thread. Well, you think, at least their beer is almost empty, and they’ve said it’s their last one… and then they go, “You know, I think I’m going to have ONE MORE.” can rescue you. You text “SMS 5 (text of message)” to 206-866-5924 and it will send you that message in 5 minutes, and you can pretend to have an emergency that has to be taken care of. You can substitue another number for 5 for a different number of minutes, and you can substitute CALL for SMS to have the service call you instead. For best results, Lifehacker recommends putting’s number, 206-866-5924, in your phone, so that it will look like someone you know is contacting you. More info here.

This CNN story has more details on the Southwest/AirTran merger.  Southwest has said they intend to keep their single class seating, no fees for baggage, and open seating across all their flights.  Sounds very, very promising for improved air service to Memphis.  Again, though, these things can take years to sort out, as the merger would have to receive the approval of the Justice Department.

Time for Pint Nite!  Beers number 161, 162, and 163 toward my next plate.