Kooky Canuck goes HD

TV that makes you “Kooky”

Sorry, that may have been the stupidest introductory slogan ever, or close to it, but this is a drunk post. I went down to Kooky Canuck tonight after getting bored at the Saucer. A number of my friends had checked in at Kooky on Foursquare, so I decided to join the party. I got there and this is what I saw:

The TVs at the bar have been replaced. Previously there had been old-style CRT TVs, but they have been replaced with five flat-screen HDTVs, four of which are visible in the pic above.

Good to see Kooky doing the upgrade. It needed to happen. One fewer TV but much higher resolution. It’s a long time away (maybe even longer than usual), but next season’s NFL games are going to look sweet on those TVs.