Pre-beer festival Saturday update

David the Worm spins at Rehab Disco tonight from 10 until about midnight.

It’s Saturday morning and I just made my Mountain Dew run to Walgreens. As I walked out, I noticed an issue of the Tri-State Defender, with the headline story about a new club to open in the old Red Rooster space at 340 Beale. It will be a blues and jazz club, more designed to appeal to grownups than other clubs on the street, and Vernon Johnson and Preston Shannon are among the names to be associated with it. More details here.

Walked home, watched Downtown homeless legend Scratchy have a discussion with the staircase next to Winfield’s. Attn Downtown smartphone developers: There needs to be a “Where’s Scratchy” app. Can someone get on that?

Memphis nightclub legend DJ David the Worm has announced that he will open at Rehab Disco tonight, playing from about 10 to midnight, filling in for resident DJ J2 who will be running late.

Yesterday I read the Wikipedia bio of Butler coach Brad Stevens. After doing so, I’ve decided I’m pulling for Butler to win the tournament. He even out-Pastners Pastner. He’s 34 and has been living and breathing basketball since he was a kid. He prefers to recruit players with a team ethic than players who are likely future NBA stars. I’d love to see a Memphis-Butler NCAA championship game in a future year. Could happen.

Max’s Sports Bar will open at 2:30 for basketball today.

Kooky Canuck has upped the ante on their Foursquare mayor special. Not only does the mayor get half off one meal a day, but now they get one free 34 oz. Labatt Blue a day as well. All you have to do is check in more times than anyone else in the past two months (only one checkin a day counts) and you become the mayor. Wish other businesses on Second would follow Kooky’s example with the mayor specials.

Looking at Twitter and Facebook to see what everyone did last night… yep, there’s the 2 AM Nuh-Uh Girl checkin at Club Shadows. I wonder if they have senior citizens’ discounts on drinks for customers over 30? After I’d walked back to the core from South Main Trolley Night, I saw a number of my friends check in at the Monkey. Almost went down there, but I wasn’t wearing a jacket and it was cold… wanted to go though, to show that I’m perfectly pleased to hang out at the Monkey as long as it isn’t crappyoke night.

Speaking of which… I’ll be on South Main next Friday for a birthday party. I really will have to make an effort to stop by the Monkey afterward.

At Trolley Night, I wrote a check and renewed my South Main Association membership. Toward the end, they were breaking down, and SMA vice-president Mikey had to run up the street and close a vendor booth. “Pauly, I need your help,” he said. “I need you to guard that keg,” pointing at the still half-full keg that had been at the SMA booth. Can you say, fox guarding the henhouse? I discharged my duties faithfully, testing the tap handle several times to make sure it was dispensing beer properly.

Getting ready for River City Brewers Festival today. Going to wear my PBR hoodie AND my PBR headband. Gotta be appropriately attired, you know. I have tickets for both sessions. Hope to see you there!