Pics: Beale Street Wine Race

Home tonight. I took the night off from trivia, because I needed a day of rest, as well as time to get various chores done. One of those chores was the Wine Race photo post. Here you go, the best of 2011 Beale Street Wine Race:

Katie Mac really didn’t want her picture taken.
The root of all evil
A common excuse for drinking Call-a-Cabs is, “they make you smarter.” In Brick’s case that may actually be true.
Air Traffic Mike, seen here holding a Call-a-Cab, told me, “Christine made me promise I wouldn’t drink a Call-a-Cab.”
Clearly the Newby’s team put a lot of effort into their costumes.
Queen of the Vine
Winner Amanda with her legions of fans.
Yes, that’s a pig on Beale Street for Wine Race. We look forward to seeing him next month at BBQ Fest, where he’ll be known by his new name, Dinner.
After the show she put on last year, you’d think Lauren would have learned to avoid Call-a-Cabs, but here she is at the bar.
Lauren later in the afternoon
Grape stomp
Post-Wine Race. Kelly throwing darts at the Saucer.
Pieces of the plate Kelly broke with a dart. The plate was located about two feet above the top of the dart board’s frame.
Yeah I’d be embarrassed too.

Complete photo album (well, minus the 40 or so pics I’d get in trouble for posting) can be found at the links below: