Happy birthday Moody

I love it when I don’t have to travel far to go to a party. Last night, after a little pre-game beer at the Saucer, the gang gathered in the lobby of Number 10 to celebrate our friend (and my neighbor) Moody’s birthday.


Her goblet says "Birthday Bitch"
Otto getting down
A "before" photo of the food, meaning pre-Nuh-Uh Girl.
Nikki sharing an intimate moment with the birthday girl
Moody taking a drink after a roll of the dice game fell her way.
Contest: Caption this pic.
Too good a photo not to post. This will probably reappear during Tube Top Month.
Moody getting down

Full album (110 pics) here. Time to shower and get dressed for Hot Wing Fest. The camera is on the charger and there will be more pics.